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Thanks to @benjitaylorofficial @1roganjosh @ininkwetrust & everyone else who nominated me!!! I’ve nominated @davinder101 @eoincasey @fit_wise_chick @dreeriksen & @aesthetic_era to donate and do the ALS Ice bucket challenge!! Make sure you donate aswell like I have!!! Have a great day all (at Penn Evleri:))

The nhs says I’m over weight… For fun I decided to see what my #bmi was on the
And here’s the results.
I’m over weight.
This Neanderthal means of measuring people’s body composition needs abolishing and replaced with something that is accurate.
BMI doesn’t take jot account - muscle mass, fat mass, water mass, actual exercise levels, resting metabolic rate and more.
Be careful if your “personal trainer” checks your BMI.
Also be weary of coaches making you reach a certain “weight” as it accounts for nothing but your overall body mass, including your muscle mass etc (disregard this if you’re reaching a target weight for a fight)
People when training/following a health regime you should attain to be healthy, remove excess fat and realise your shape is yours. Do not try to fit into these stupid none specific brackets made by lazy officials. Rant over

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