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wearing some @physiqapparel and making a @maxiraw protein shake after my workout with @fit_wise_chick and @ininkwetrust had a great meeting with @lifestyledynasty @oliverjscott @adenaearle earlier!! Lots of great things to come

Slowly growing. Remember all, your growth and performance is 70% based on your diet. If you need any assistance with that, hit up my nutritionist coach and girlfriend @fit_wise_chick . She’s took me from 70kg post fashion week to 80kg of lean growth :) can’t thank her enough #gains #health #wellness (at easyGym Kings Heath)

It’s gonna be a great day. Cause were both still alive to read this. So enjoy it and live in the moment :)
Email me on : for any Diet plans / Training plans or Personal Training
For any shoots email me on : (at

This is why I prefer animals to humans… Animals would only kill a human for food or to defend themselves… Not to make space… We use animals for profit, then when they’ve ran their course we kill them?? Why the hell were these animals not sent to a wild life sanctuary instead?

It’s a sad day when the supposedly “civilised world” is also killing animals we care for, with such disregard.

I’m boycotting zoos and making my friends do the same, if you want to view animals for entertainment, go on a safari or a preserve.

Everyone has to collect something. This is one of the things I collect. Normally just Japanese weapons, but here’s a gold Egyptian dagger my dad left to me. One of my favourites out of all. Hope everyone’s had a good day (at Spider Bridge)

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